Morning Rundown: Stormy Daniels Summons Demons During Interview


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Stormy Daniels Summons Demons During Interview

As the news of former President Donald Trump’s historic indictment continues sending shockwaves through the world, it was only a matter of time before media outlets began the interview cycle with adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Sitting down with Olivia Nuzzi, a reporter who wrote the cover story on Daniels for New York magazine, Daniels started performing occultic practices before the interview even took place.

“Stormy Daniels saged the room and shuffled the oracle deck. It was the evening of Apr. 1, and the woman at the center of the legal drama that led to the first criminal indictment of a U.S. president had agreed to ask the guides for help to see more clearly the past, the present, and what she calls ‘the potential or likely outcome,'” wrote Nuzzi.

Scholars Uncover Never-Before-Seen Bible Translation

The archeological community is in a frenzy now that a part of a long-lost manuscript has been found, revealing one of the earliest translations of the Gospels.

The manuscript in question was hidden beneath layers of additional text that had writing on top of it, and it took advanced UV light technology to reveal the ancient writings.

“The tradition of Syriac Christianity knows several translations of the Old and New Testaments,” says medievalist Grigory Kessel.

Understanding, But Not Affirming, Pro-Transgender Sympathies

March CM CoverI have often written about “transanity,” by which I mean the social madness that has swept our nation (and other nations). It has reached the point that biological males share locker rooms with biological females and compete against them in sports, often obliterating female records and accomplishments in the process.

It has gone so far that a Supreme Court justice nominee could not answer the question, “What is a woman?”

And it has reached the point that minors are undergoing chemical castration and young teenage girls are having full mastectomies, with the avid support of the Biden administration. This is what I mean by transanity. {eoa}

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