Perry Stone Unveils: Shocking New Mystery Behind JFK Murder


The assassination of President Kennedy may have more spiritual significance than anyone first thought.

In a recent video, Perry Stone unlocked a spiritual mystery revolving around JFK’s death.

Recounting details from Pastor Davis, a former missionary in Haiti during Kennedy’s presidency, Stone says it’s quite possible that an occult leader from Haiti placed a curse over Kennedy, leading to his death. Stone says this would have followed when Kennedy put a blockade on Haiti. The Haitian leader, Francois Duvalier, also known as “Poppa Doc,” was largely into witchcraft and voodoo at the time of Kennedy’s presidency.

One of Duvalier’s superstitions was that he had one day a month, the 22nd, when he was led and protected by spirits.

“This is the part that came from converted voodoo doctors who were familiar with Papa Doc personally,” Stone says. “Papa Doc was so angry at President Kennedy that he had a voodoo doll made of President Kennedy.”

“President Kennedy was killed Nov. 22, and was assassinated by a shooting in the back of the head,” Stone says.

This uncanny connection alone between Duvalier and Kennedy shows why it’s of the utmost importance to be covered by the blood of Jesus.

“When a person is under the blood of Jesus, protected by the blood of Jesus, there is a protective hedge that comes when you plead the blood, claim the blood of Jesus and you ask the Lord through the power of the blood of Jesus to help you defeat the powers of the enemy,” Stone says.

Just as the Israelites covered their doorposts in blood to protect themselves from the angel of death, the blood of Jesus today is our hedge of protection against all powers of the enemy.

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