Stephen Strang Interviews Famous Jailed Pastor Who Has a Warning for the Faithful


Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski knows quite a bit about cancel culture, and he’s looking at several years jail time because of it.

Now, he wants to warn the American people that the intense persecution he faces in his native country will happen in the United States—and sooner than most people may expect.

The Polish-born pastor of the Cave of Adullam congregation in Calgary, Alberta, faces six years in jail from the Canadian government. He, along with his brother, Dawid, was found guilty of contempt for violating COVID-19 health orders by organizing, promoting and attending church services that allegedly flouted rules on masking and physical distancing.

After a four-month stay in the United States in which he spoke with several members of the conservative media about the plight of Canadian Christians, Pawlowski returned to Calgary on Monday when he was ambushed by police immediately on the tarmac at Calgary International Airport and charged with contempt for an alleged offense on June 5.

At a sentencing hearing earlier this month, Alberta Health Services demanded that Pawlowski be jailed for 21 days and fined $2,000. A decision on that matter is expected on Oct. 13, yet police grabbed him right away upon his arrival back in Canada and jailed him.

Pawlowski’s name first came up in the news, and a video that went viral, when police came to his church on Easter and demanded that he shut his church down and “kick” members of his congregation out.

Two days prior to his return to Canada, Charisma Media Founder and CEO Steve Strang caught up with Pawlowski in Colorado Springs, Colorado, during the Clay Clark ReAwaken America Tour for an interview, and Pawlowski brashly described the ungodly and unlawful events now happening in his native country.

“Those police officers were breaking the law,” Pawlowski says. “We have a constitution, charter rights and freedoms that give us, fundamentally, protected rights. But since this new, invisible enemy came, it looks like we have no rights whatsoever. They are using this to deprive us of everything. I mean, they are literally destroying the small and medium-sized businesses, eliminating the middle class, bring socialism, communism and fascism. I’ve called it a hybrid, and I’ve said it in places around the world.

“Since I’ve done that, I was arrested in the middle of the highway. The charges are so bizarre because even the communists would phrase them differently. Believe it or not, I am charged with inciting people to come to church, officiating a church service and participating in an illegal gathering as a pastor. I was told that I had broken two court orders and, for contempt of court, it’s two years in prison. I have broken two, or apparently that’s what they say. So, that’s four years.

“Also, in May, my daughter came to me and asked me to baptize her for her birthday. So, I baptized my daughter, Maya, 12 years old. And for that crime, I am facing two years potentially in prison, because apparently that is illegal as well.”

With Canada operating under such strict laws, Pawlowski felt it was his kingdom duty to come to the U.S. to “tell his story and warn” the American people of what they could potentially face in the future.

“Whatever is happening in Australia, whatever is happening in New Zealand, Europe and in Canada right now is going to happen,” Pawlowski says. “They came for me, so be sure of it, they will come for you as well unless you rise up and stand up.”

For more of Stephen Strang’s compelling interview with Pastor Artur Pawlowski, listen to this episode of the Strang Report podcast. {eoa}

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