Suspicious Net Worth of Disgraced Pastor Surfaces During Investigation


The suspicious net worth of a pastor has come up during the investigation into the death of his wife, Mica Miller.

Miller, the wife of Pastor John-Paul Miller, took her own life a few weeks ago. From discussions about Miller’s mental health struggles and abuse by John-Paul, this story has been heartbreaking in every way.

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Now, details about John-Paul Miller’s net worth have raised some eyebrows.

Solid Rock at Market Common, the church associated with Miller, announced they were continuing with their building project. News13 reported that “from combing through land records, tax forms and online data bases to tabulate its $5.59 million portfolio.”

This value included a $429,000 plane and land acreage.

However, as The Daily Mail reported, a recent congregation head count was only around 30 people.

Prior to her death, Miller was a suspect in a case surrounding theft that has since been closed. Miller’s family confirmed after her passing that Mica did not steal from Rock Solid, and they had their own questions concerning the church’s finances.

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Before the tragic death of Miller, she and John-Paul filed for divorce where she described the years of abuse she endured during their marriage.

“Since the day we became husband and wife, I have been abused in every way I can think of,” an affidavit sent to Mica Miller’s attorney. “Emotionally, sexually, spiritually, financially and physically.”

After Miller’s death, John-Paul admitted he tried to resurrect Mica from the dead.

“I even tried to raise her from the dead one time this week,” Miller said.

This story is a reminder that without the Spirit of God, it is impossible, even for those in the church to live holy, righteous and blameless lives.

If you are in crisis, please call 988 or visit You are not alone.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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