Walmart Follows Target’s Lead and Promotes New ‘Pride’ Apparel


Brace yourselves, “Pride Month” is coming. And with it comes the continuing inundation of LGBTQ ideology and flags, as well as half-naked (in some cases fully nude) people marching in parades across the world.

This year, Target has previously announced it is dialing back the company’s “Pride” displays, as the massive backlash from 2023 and the retail firm’s targeting of children cost it billions in market value.

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Not to be outdone on the radical, left-wing ideology metrics, Walmart has entered the fray in advance of June.

In a post to Instagram, Walmart social coordinators posted, “Not just a slogan. #PrideAlways is a reminder to lead with love.​”

Just how much of Walmart becomes draped in the six-color rainbow flag that the LGBTQ movement has coopted remains to be seen, as a significant portion of its customer base doesn’t subscribe to the radical gender ideologies woke corporations have pushed in recent years.

As reported by Fox News Business:

Walmart’s new “Pride Always” collection promo includes products like a notebook that says “beyond gender” a tote bag that says “totes gay,” a fanny pack with “I heart gay people” on it and rainbow-colored products like a pool floatie and an apron.

This shift in marketing goes against what U.S. CEO Doug McMillon tells shareholders, stating that Walmart does not “wake up in the morning wanting to go and make social and political statements.”

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“We’re [a] retailer,” he says. “We want everybody to feel comfortable shopping with us…and we want everybody to feel comfortable and excited about working at Walmart.”

Should Walmart continue going this way and alienate its customers to please a handful of rabid activists, the chain may go down the same path as Target and Bud Light and lose billions in the name of “diversity, equity and inclusion,” which in reality is “division, exclusion and intolerance.”

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.


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