Top of the Week: Young US Missionary Couple Among 3 Murdered in Haiti’s Capital


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Young US Missionary Couple Among 3 Murdered in Haiti’s Capital

A U.S. missionary couple was abducted, shot and killed by criminal gang members in Haiti’s capital after ministering at a youth group activity at a local church, according to a police official and their missions group.

Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, did not mince words after learning about the slaying of a Missouri state representative’s daughter and son-in-law.

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Suspicious Net Worth of Disgraced Pastor Surfaces During Investigation

The suspicious net worth of a pastor has come up during the investigation into the death of his wife, Mica Miller.

Miller, the wife of Pastor John-Paul Miller, took her own life a few weeks ago. From discussions about Miller’s mental health struggles and abuse by John-Paul, this story has been heartbreaking in every way.

Now, details about John-Paul Miller’s net worth have raised some eyebrows.

China Practicing for Apocalyptic War Against Taiwan, Western World Not Taking Threat Seriously

China has just launched enormous military exercises codenamed “Joint Sword-2024A” which are designed to simulate what a war against Taiwan would look like. Chinese fighter jets are conducting mock airstrikes against “high-value military targets,” and Chinese warships are practicing for a future economic blockade.

Most Americans don’t seem to realize this, but once China goes to war with Taiwan, we will instantly be in a state of war with China. The flow of consumer products from China will completely stop, we will no longer have access to the advanced computer chips from Taiwan that we are so dependent upon and the economy will crash. All of our lives will be turned completely upside down the moment that war with China begins, and that day may be a lot closer than most people think.

On Thursday, the Chinese “encircled Taiwan with naval vessels and military aircraft” as Joint Sword-2024A kicked off.

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Chuck Pierce’s Vision of America: States Have Lost Their Covenant With God

Back in 2008, Chuck Pierce was caught up in a vision of what God showed him for every single state in America. Now, this vision has come full circle as God has laid the importance of the state of New Jersey on Pierce’s heart, and how it is critical for a spiritual revolution to rise in America.

“He showed me something else in every state. He showed me every state had iniquitous thrones within each state that would have to topple for the glory to arise in the state,” Pierce said.

Pierce said that while he was in this heavenly realm, God not only showed him the iniquities of every single state, but he saw which ones were part of a covenant with the Lord and which ones were not.

Kathryn Krick Reveals Stunning Testimony of Ministry Explosion

Taking this prophecy and the belief that “revival is now,” Kathryn eventually embarked on starting Five-Fold Church. However, instead of the church rapidly growing, things started going backwards. On New Year’s Eve of 2020, Krick put together a compilation video of God moving through her tiny church and posted it on TikTok. The response led to an explosion of miracles and healings.

“The video went viral and it hit 1 million views. But the real miracle is that there were thousands of comments of people testifying of miracles they received while watching,” Krick says. “People saying ‘my pain left, my sickness left when I watched this.’”

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