John Lindell Calls For Mark Driscoll to Repent


John Lindell is calling on Mark Driscoll to repent.

Following the controversy that ensued last week at the Stronger Men’s Conference, John Lindell is now asking Mark Driscoll to repent as he releases new information and personal communication between Driscoll and the Lindell family.

In his message to James River Church, Lindell addressed the faith of Alex Magala, the sword swallower performer whose performance at the Stronger Men’s Conference has been at the center of the entire controversy.

Reading a statement from Magala, Lindell said, “In response to recent criticisms of Stronger Men’s Conference produced by James River Church, I feel compelled to clarify the context and intention behind my specialty act. My performance, which some have controversially likened to inappropriate entertainment, is deeply rooted in a historical and cultural tradition that dates back over 1200 years and has since become a respected discipline showcasing human strength and agility.”

Lindell says he did not receive one text, email or phone call and no one came up to him to share their concern about the performance during the conference that Friday night.

Lindell says that Driscoll has stirred up fear in people over Magala’s past.

“Mark could have easily contacted one of his own congregants to find out more about Alex or even contacted Alex’s manager, but it seems that Mark is more interested in the controversy that will sell books,” Lindell said.

Lindell said after Driscoll’s statement, Driscoll was going to leave, but the two talked about how much they care about one another and each other’s families. This would of course lead up to what conference attendees saw as what looked like reconciliation between the two.

However, it would appear more happened later on. Lindell says that after he received a deep, heart-felt text message from Driscoll, Driscoll later sent texts to Lindell’s son, David.

“That evening he started sending a string of texts to my son, David Lindell, about Alex and his past,” Lindell said.

Lindell claims the first text said, “I’m not sharing this with everyone, but I’d expect a media discovery. I’m very sorry.”

Lindell also claims a text from that Saturday at 11:26 p.m. said “He [Alex] posted James River on his social media with your gals. Gay, porn stripper. Jezebel.”

In total, Lindell says Driscoll sent eight texts by Sunday morning. This is when Lindell messaged Driscoll back, stating that Magala is a Christian and that he intended to defend him and stand by him.

As the bantering back and forth continued between the two pastors, the tension grew, including about Brandon Lindell, another of John’s sons, causing discord in the Lindell family. This lead Lindell to give a few key points of what he is asking of Mark Driscoll.

“We are calling you to publicly repent for refusing to stop the spread of lies regarding Alex Magala, a Christian brother,” Lindell said.

We are calling you to publicly repent for sowing disunity in the body of Christ. We are calling you to publicly repent for covertly trying to divide brothers and making false and slanderous accusations against Brandon Lindell. We are calling you to publicly repent for trying to create division in the Lindell family all the while saying you love us. We are calling on you to publicly repent for trying to destroy James River Church through attacking its leadership.

Further, Lindell asked anyone who supports Mark Driscoll’s ministry to reconsider doing so. He then concluded the service with a prayer for Driscoll’s repentance.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.