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From the Frontlines

Kenneth Hagin

Just One Dose of the Holy Ghost Is Not Enough for Me

From the Frontlines

This week a video clip from a 1996 service with Kenneth Hagin popped up on my newsfeed. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda posted it over a month ago with this short caption, “Have a drink this morning!! (Be careful not to judge too quickly. This is very holy).”  It had already racked up 1.6 million views before

This messy glop of canned beans, cream of mushroom soup and fried onions needs to be tossed out.

The Unwelcome Guest Sitting on Your Table

From the Frontlines

The turkey is cooked to perfection and trimmed with all the best fixings. Your table setting is so beautiful it could grace the cover of a magazine. Your friends and family have all arrived and the house is filled with the sound of celebration. Everything is perfect—right? Not quite. There is an unwelcome guest among

Bruce Maxwell of the Oakland Athletics kneels during the singing of the National Anthem.

Why We Should All Take a Knee

From the Frontlines

Honestly, this weekend, we all should have taken a knee. I write this for all who love this nation; all who honor the sacrifice of those who have fought and given their lives for us, and all who cherish the freedoms of the First Amendment, we missed a crucial moment. A moment where America needed

At the center of this revival was a controversial woman who was pioneering a path for many who would follow. Her name was Maria Woodworth-Etter.

4 Revolutionaries Who Saw Revival Change Their Worlds

From the Frontlines

The Trail of Fire tour has come to Dallas, where in 1912 a historic move of God took place and shook the region. At the center of this revival was a controversial woman who was pioneering a path for many who would follow. Her name was Maria Woodworth-Etter. Though Maria was 68 years old and

My friend, it is time that we return to and rebuild the altar. Time to revisit the sacred sites where God visited powerfully in the past and remember the wonders of the Lord.

Why We Don’t See Revival Today

From the Frontlines

On Dec. 7, 1941, Japan launched a surprise attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor. Our nation lost 2,403 Americans in that devastating blow to our Pacific fleet. The following day, President Franklin Roosevelt addressed the nation, calling the assault “a day which will live in infamy.” That attack would thrust America into a global conflict that

The Norris family.

We’re About to See Revival 500 Years in the Making

From the Frontlines

This year we will mark the 500-year anniversary of a date that forever altered the course of world history. It was Oct. 17, 1517 when a priest named Martin Luther came to the doors of the Castle Church at Wittenberg, Germany with a hammer and nail in one hand and a controversial document in the

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