Orphans in the Pulpit

We have a serious ministry problem, worse today than it's ever been. Fake ministers. Fake love. Fake faith. Superficiality and a lack of transparency. read more
This is why a person can be a member of a church and yet be living a gay lifestyle. He can carry a Bible and be in an adulterous affair. He can adhere to a form of doctrine but have no peace. This is the sad state of things in much of America.

The Fatal Effects of Liberal Theology

I fear for the multitudes of the deceived who shall soon be the deceased. This could indeed be the final acceleration of the great apostasy the Bible speaks of will happen in these last days. read more
Here is a key Scripture that will shed more light in determining God's eternal purpose.

The Key to the Deliverance of a Church in Captivity

Why did Jesus die? The most common answer from the average Christian would be: So that our sins could be forgiven. That sounds right. It even sounds biblical. But it falls so short of striking at the core of God's heart and purpose for mankind and for His glorious church.  read more
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