France’s Shocking Election Sets New Trajectory for Radicals


The surprise elections held in France gave way for the left to gain major strides in Parliament. The New Popular Front’s rise stands as a combination of liberal political groups including the Socialist Party and the Green Party.

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As NPR noted, the right-wing party, National Rally, was projected to win. However, this did not happen as neither the left, center or right parties have a majority ruling with the left leaning taking 180 seats, the centrist party with 160 and the right at 140 seats.

This shocking vote comes after French president Emmanuel Macron called for the election back in June for a “moment of clarification.”

Following the election, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal offered to resign. However, Macron refused Attal’s resignation, desiring for him to stay to “ensure the stability of the country,” according to the Associated Press. Attal had did not agree with Macron’s decision to hold the swift elections.

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This newly divided government has sparked an uproar across France. Riots in France broke out, requiring 30,000 police to be deployed, as per the Evening Standard. Others are celebrating victory over Macron’s centrist party and the right-wing National Rally as the socialist agenda shot up to fame.

With the Olympics set for Paris in just a few weeks, all eyes are on France. The outcome of this vote comes just days after the United Kingdom voted the left-wing Labour Party to control the British parliament. The question now is whether or not the United States will follow suit with other first world nations by taking a left-leaning government stance when our elections roll around in November.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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