Morning Rundown: Benny Hinn: Financial Giving Will Protect God’s People in Face of Darkness


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Benny Hinn: Financial Giving Will Protect God’s People in Face of Darkness

Benny Hinn is urging viewers to give financially for God’s protection in the coming darkness.

In a recent message entitled, “Shameless Begging,” Pastor Benny Hinn discussed what he believes it means to reach out to the Lord in sincere and earnest prayer, much like David did in the Psalms. As he concluded the message, he also encouraged viewers to sow financially in preparation for the dark days ahead.

“We are facing days of such darkness and such danger unseen in the history of man,” Hinn says. “Unseen since Adam. Worse than anything that has happened in the past…and only those who’ve been faithful in giving to God’s work will be protected financially.”

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Another Megachurch Pastor Charged With Sexual Abuse

The Christian church has a severe problem, and God is shaking it to rid His people of this disgusting, perverse sin.

Former pastor Zachary King, who has a history of speaking at a multitude of various megachurches, has now been formally charged with the following charges according to LEX18:

  • procuring or promoting use of minor by electronic means
  • first-degree rape
  • first-degree sodomy
  • third-degree rape
  • third-degree sodomy
  • first-degree sexual abuse

His victim? A 15-year-old minor which King admitted to having “sexual intercourse with the minor starting at age 15 in January 2023, continuing until April 2024.”

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Megachurch Temporarily Closes After Insurance and Misconduct Allegation Woes

A megachurch has had to place all operations on hold because past sexual abuse allegations have made them ineligible for insurance renewal.

The Meeting House in Toronto is one of the largest megachurches in Canada. However, they have been unable to find an insurance company willing to take them on because of the past indiscretions that have happened at the church.

As the Christian Post reported, a previous pastor for The Meeting house, Bruxy Cavey, resigned after allegations of sexual misconduct over two years ago. However, the church’s liability insurance decided to drop them when time for renewal came up.

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