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WATCH: Demon Screams When It Hears About the Rapture


Do demons comprehend what the rapture is?

In a reaction video, commentator Kap Chatfield shared footage of a video where a demon can be heard screaming during a church service after the pastor mentioned the rapture.

The pastor in the video simply said the following: “We…need to be at the ready to give everyone an answer of that blessed hope that we have that Jesus is coming to rapture us before the seven year Tribulation period.”

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At the sound of this, a woman in the church can be heard screaming out blood-thirsty squeals. The words spoken by the women are too unintelligible to understand clear sentences, but the anger is real. While it’s possible the woman was simply outraged, it appears that the pastor knew exactly what was happening.

Staying quiet and calm, he leaves the pulpit and can be heard walking over to her, telling the demon to come out of her.

The demon continues to yell while the pastor repeatedly says, “Come out of her” adding “in the name of Jesus” to take authority over the evil spirit.

Some people may not believe that a spiritual entity would speak up in a church, or perhaps even enter one. However, this is, as Chatfield points out, because of a lack of teaching about spiritual warfare in the American church today.

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“This isn’t happening in a lot of churches,” Chatfield says, “Many pastors are not teaching this truth, [they] are not teaching that Jesus is coming back soon. They’re not teaching the hard truths of the Word of God that are convicting. They’re not teaching spiritual warfare. They’re teaching soft messages that are keeping demonized people comfortable in their seats.”

While Christians can go back and forth and debate about when the rapture will happen, one thing is very clear from watching this video; at the mention of Jesus’ return the demon shrieked. The enemy is doing every possible thing he can to keep as many people out of heaven as possible. It is goal of Satan and the demons to drag down as many people as they can into the torment of hell.

Instead of being passive, this is the time to get serious about our relationship with God before the return of Christ. We don’t know the time and the hour He will return, so we must be prepared at all times for the coming of our Lord.{eoa}

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.


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